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"The key to maintaining healthy riparian areas is understanding how they work or function. Once you understand how they work, you can manage riparian areas to restore or maintain those functions."

Caring for riparian areas:
What you can do

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Acreage owners
LAkeshore property.JPG
Lakeshore owners
Community initiatives
Recreational users
Agricultural producers
Don Gregorwich photo.JPG
Municipal leaders
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Education for kids
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General recommendations
Find out more about what you can do as a landowner, community member
or municipal leader to help restore and
conserve riparian areas.
What kind of project are you interested in?
VRW32_Cows at watering system (3).jpg
Fencing, offsite watering, grass buffers and grazing management
Home Solutions Stormwater runoff, lawn and garden
tree seedling.jpg
Trees, shrubs, native species and riparian plants
Shore Primer cover.PNG
General Recommendations
Some general tips for living and recreating near riparian areas

Photo credits: Riparian workshop photo: AWES Alberta (Community Initiatives section). Don Gregorwich, Camrose County (Municipal Leaders section). All others are in the public domain or were provided by NSWA and BRWA.

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