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Why are riparian areas important?

Ecological Functions: Riparian areas support
the health of the ecosystem.

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Promote Plant growth-01.jpg

Promotes plant growth

Reduce dissipate energy-01.jpg

Reduces and dissipates energy

Filter buffer water-01.jpg

Filters & buffers water

Stores water energy-01.jpg

Stores water and energy

Maintains biodiversity-01.jpg

Maintains biodiversity

Maintains banks-01.jpg

Builds and maintains banks and shorelines

Stores sediment-01.jpg

Traps and stores sediment

Recharges aquifers 2-01.jpg




“When you consider the many ecological goods and services that riparian areas contribute to the ecosystem, you begin to realize that this small percentage of the land base in Alberta is in a class of its own.”

— Central Alberta Farmer 

Goods and Services: Riparian areas
benefit people and communities.

Andre_Riparian Portal Project_Icons_Hunt

Hunting and angling opportunities

Andre_Riparian Portal Project_Icons_Grou

Groundwater well security

Andre_Riparian Portal Project_Icons_Wate

Water storage

Andre_Riparian Portal Project_Icons_Rec,

Recreational, cultural or wildlife viewing opportunities

Andre_Riparian Portal Project_Icons_Eros

Erosion and sedimentation control

Andre_Riparian Portal Project_Icons_Floo

Increased resiliency to flood and drought

Andre_Riparian Portal Project_Icons_Decr

drinking water

Andre_Riparian Portal Project_Icons_Live

Livestock shelter, forage and grazing opportunities

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