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About the Riparian
Web Portal

The Riparian Web Portal was designed to support Albertans build healthier riparian areas by providing:
  • access to condition assessments
  • summary statistics for waterbodies
  • resources for conservation and restoration
Although riparian data does not exist for all areas in Alberta, many agencies are now making efforts to fill in the gaps. We want to bring that data together here. This web-portal is collaborative project between government and charitable organizations in Alberta.


Purpose of the website: 

Interactive map imagery-01.png
On ground projects icon-01.png
Educ Resources for new project icon-01.p

Browse data from the new satellite inventories through an interactive map 

Share examples of on-the-ground restoration projects by landowners and conservation groups 

Browse resources and educational material that can enable landowners to adopt new restoration or conservation projects

What are you looking for? 

  • To find out more about why riparian areas are vital for people, animals, and the environment, go to Importance

  • To find out more about what you or your community can do to care for riparian areas, go to Taking Action

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