Recreational Users

Respecting riparian areas, including vegetation and wildlife, is a key part of enjoying
our natural areas now, and into the future.

Some Beneficial Management Practices for Recreational Users include:

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If you are interested in recreating on provincial Crown lands, click here for more information.

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Camp away from shorelines to minimize impacts.

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Stay on marked trails and practice “Leave No Trace” principles when visiting recreational sites.

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Stop the spread of invasive species by cleaning footwear, wheels, and gear. For horses, use weed-free feed.

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Keep your wheels out of water and wet areas to prevent damage to fish habitat or erosion and maintain water and soil health.

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Know B4UGo, plan your route. Only travel on trails that are designated for your activity and do not have closure notices posted.

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Be aware of property lines and vegetation beneath the surface which could be damaged by motorized vehicles in the winter season.