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How is riparian health measured?

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Understanding what riparian health looks like and why it matters
Riparian areas:

Are dynamic and hard to delineate

Face pressures from land use & development

Are best assessed for intactness, health, or condition using multiple tools or methods

3 methods used to assess riparian areas:
  • Indicate level of function and ecological services
  • Allow tracking and monitoring over time
To learn more about each individual method or see how health and intactness are measured, click on the method image below
Together, these methods:
  • Act as proxies to see if ecological functions are occurring

  • Create a complementary, holistic picture

  • Are selected based on management goals

Various methods:

Riparian Assessment Validation for North Saskatchewan Region Lakes:

This new study report used desktop and field based methods to test the accuracy of Satellite riparian assessments.

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An overview of each method's
strengths and weaknesses.

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