Community Initiatives

Partnering with local stewardship groups and clubs is a great way for residents and communities to help restore and protect their riparian areas.

Some Beneficial Management Practices for Community Initiatives include:

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Form or join a watershed stewardship group to support watershed education and projects

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Find out if riparian health or intactness assessments have been completed in your region

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Create a management plan based on riparian health or intactness in your region

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Partner with other groups, such as municipal initiatives, Watershed Planning and Advisory Councils, Cows and Fish, or Ducks Unlimited Canada

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Turn your ideas into action, and apply for financial support through a grant such as the Watershed Stewardship Grant


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Connect with WPACs

Connect with watershed and riparian stewardship group activities near you (click on the "Watershed Planning and Advisory Councils"  tab and find your location). 

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Lakefront Plans

How to engage local lakeshore residents and stakeholders to create a plan that benefits both residents and protects the lake's riparian and aquatic areas.

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Finding Grants

Since 2006, Alberta Environment and Parks has funded over 300 grants to help and care for water and riparian areas across the province.

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Guide to Watershd Mgmt Planning-2015 Cov

Guide for Planning

A step-by-step guide to developing a watershed management plan with multiple stakeholders for long-term water and riparian stewardship. 

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Join an existing stewardship group, learn more about organizational basics, or find funding for stewardship activities. 

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Calgary Riparian Strategies Healthy Comm


This booklet explains how the City of Calgary engaged the local community to care for riparian areas and become involved in taking action.

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