Agricultural Producers

Caring for your riparian areas as an agricultural producer will benefit both your farm and the natural resources on your property.

Some Beneficial Management Practices for Agricultural Producers include:

If using provincial Crown lands for grazing purposes, ensure you adhere to the Grazing Lease Stewardship Code of Practice

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For financial support for your BMP project, inquire with programs like Alternative Land Use Services, Ducks Unlimited Canada, and the Canadian Agricultural Partnership

Maintain the natural wetlands on your property

Manage livestock access to water bodies through techniques such as off-site watering systems, riparian fencing and seasonal grazing

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Practice nutrient management and integrated pest management to prevent water pollution and support biodiversity.

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For crops, manage runoff and reduce erosion through low-till or direct seeding systems and planting crop rows across slopes (not up and down)

Develop an Environmental Farm Plan

Create a grazing management plan that considers sensitive periods in riparian areas. Consult Cows and Fish or your local Forage Association.

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Maintain the natural width of the riparian area to act as a buffer between agricultural land and water bodies

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Get involved in the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef and/or Roundtable for Sustainable Crops