The following resources are for anyone interested in:
  • Viewing the Technical Reports behind the data
  • Learning more about the intactness of a specific waterbody or group of waterbodies within a County
  • How-to Sheets for working with the maps, data, or posting a project

Municipal Summary Reports

  • By County

  • By City or Town

Camrose County Muni Riparian Summary_Page_1.jpg
Camrose County Muni Riparian Summary_Page_2.jpg
Camrose County Muni Riparian Summary_Page_3.jpg

Final Technical Reports

  • Final Assessment Report for North Saskatchewan River and Battle River Watersheds

  • Appendices with charts & maps by subwatershed

  • GOA Validation Report for Fiera or municipality

  • Modeste, Sturgeon, Strawberry reports (Pilot Project reports)

Muni Report NSR Data Cover pg.jpg
Muni Report Intactness charts.jpg
Muni Report map Priority.jpg

What are you looking for? 

  • To find out more about why riparian areas are vital for people, animals, and the environment, go to Importance

  • To find out more about what you or your community can do to care for riparian areas, go to Taking Action

Riparian Web Portal
User How-to Sheets

  • User Guide 1: About the RWP

  • User Guide 2: Riparian Map Data

  • User Guide 3: Upload Projects

Info Sheet image.jpg

Communication Templates

  • Municipal Report Card template (available in Indesign and Photoshop)

  • Waterbody Summary template

Muni Summary Reports template.jpg
Muni Report map Priority.jpg